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If the primary aim of your website is to promote a product, service or something else, then marketing is going to be an important factor in its success. Marketing not only involves getting people to your site which involves Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but also that you’re reaching out to your customers via email marketing and social media, and making sure your site is delivering the correct message with appropriate copy.

Email Marketing

Staying in touch with your customers is an important element in any marketing campaign and studies have shown that email and social media marketing are the two leading areas of investment. Research also shows that email marketing has one of the best returns on investments (ROI) available with low costs and big results. Well designed and personalised campaigns are just part of the equation; you also need to be able to manage your subscriber lists and have access to full and detailed reports which help you ensure your marketing campaigns are meeting their objectives.

I can design your campaigns and provide the email marketing tools you need to manage your campaigns and subscribers successfully.

Social Media

Social media marketing is the process of promoting your site or business through social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Digg, and it is a powerful strategy that can get your website links, attention and traffic. The current explosion of social media sites makes it easy to connect with your customer which means using social media to market your products, strengthen your brand recognition and attract new customers is becoming an increasingly popular strategy.

I can provide advice on how best to utilise these social media channels as well as technical expertise in connecting your site to them and from one to another.


Love it or hate it, research has shown that Facebook accounts for almost 2% of all internet traffic and almost 40% of all internet sharing. Getting your brand onto your customer’s timelines is invaluable for becoming more than just a company but becoming part of their lifestyle. 500 million global users, half of whom log on daily, make Facebook the world’s most pervasive and important network and communications tool in history.

Creating a useful and engaging Facebook app follows the same workflow and methodology as building a website. I can help conceptualise, design, program and deliver a page that helps drive audience engagement and entertainment, effectively leveraging your brand in this exciting and changing channel.

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