Web Design Process

Web Design Process

Stage 1 - PlanPlan

Every successful project begins with an effective plan. I will meet with you either in person or over the phone, (depending on your location and availability), and discuss your goals, your budget and timing requirements. It’s vital I get to know you, understand your objectives for the website and who your audience (customers) are. Then I can develop a strong plan to execute your ideas.

Once we’ve decided on the exact details of the project, I can move into the design phase, where I start to conceptualise the overall look and feel of your new website.

Stage 2 - Design Design

The success of your website hinges on the User Experience (UX), how users perceive it, and the lasting feeling it leaves after they’ve visited. There are many contributing factors to this: How easy was it to use? What was the user journey like? Was the content easy to understand? Was it nice to look at, and how well designed is the User Interface (UI)? UI is the beautiful part of the design phase!

I will create for you what’s called a “mock-up”, a visual representation of your new website’s homepage. Once the homepage is designed and approved I will mock-up several inner pages of your website before moving on to the development phase.

Code - Stage 3 Code

When you’re happy with the designs, I’ll begin the coding stage. This is where the true geeky stuff happens, where I spend all day and night typing things like <?php if this and echo that();?>. I hand-code all my projects using the latest web technologies, plus I am a big advocate of Responsive Web Design (RWD) – which crafts your website to provide an optimal viewing experience for users on mobiles and tablets. I also code your website so that search engines love it.

Lastly you’ll be given a demo link to your website, where I can make any final tweaks until you’re happy for the project to go live.

Stage 4 - LaunchLaunch

Your shiny new website is almost ready for launch now! I wrap things up with a rigorous internal testing phase of the site and all of its functions, before sending it your way for further testing. If you’ve got some revisions at this stage, I’m happy to do them.

Once any bugs have been eliminated, and the final touches have been completed, we’re ready to launch your new website! I take care of everything involved in the launch stage, including setting up your host and domain. If you already have a domain registered, I will help you get it to point to your new host package, and of course upload all the necessary files and images to the server, including installing and configuring WordPress for people who wish to manage their content. This marks the official launch of your site, as it is now viewable to the public.

Stage 5 - GrowGrow

You didn’t think I’d simply leave you once the website was completed did you?! Just because the web project has been completed, I still want to keep working with you regularly to ensure that we are growing your website and online marketing further.

It’s no good launching a shiny new website if no one knows it’s there. After your new site is launched, we’ve got some new goals for it including ranking #1 on Google and Bing, and guiding you on how to communicate with your customers on Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. I also offer marketing services such as targeted email campaigns that are relevant to your customers.

A web project should be an on-going process not a one-off event. I can install tools like Google Analytics which monitors how your customers are interacting with your site.

You’ll discover if some sections are more popular than others, or find out if people are always getting to a certain stage then leaving. How many visits from mobile devices are you getting? Are your visitors coming directly or from search engines? Over time, this information can help us to continually improve your site based on your customer’s needs.

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